Gordon Pinsent

Good comedic skills - however naturally ingrown they are - may not enjoy their full power until balanced and directed by the best ears in the business.  Brett will help you find your gold.

Donald Faison

ACTOR  (Stag, Emergence, Scrubs, Remember The Titans, Clueless )

Script Coverage: Hocus

Great premise that hasn’t really been seen before. The pace clips along and each scene builds nicely on the previous one. The writer is able to get in and out of a scene efficiently and the writing is funny and clear. Nice character introductions that are spaced out well and the script is not crowded. The character of Marvin has the potential to be quite interesting. Great tension between him and his girlfriend building to an intriguing mystery. 

Arthur Cooper
Director of Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Brett on his first feature film, "Stag." It proved to be a wonderful, collaborative experience. His direction was decisive and knowledgeable and he had a great rapport with the actors and crew. We moved through our days with efficiency and humour. I would highly recommend him as both a writer and director.

Peter Keleghan

Actor (Saving Hope, The Newsroom, Cheers, Seinfeld)

Brett has that rare, innate ability to facilitate creativity. So many times I have seen perfectly strong material hamstrung by those with lesser ability to nurture organic expression. There are as many styles as snowflakes and Brett bolsters all with vision.

Marc Whitehead
Senior Strategist at Karo Group, Inc.

Brett is not only a skilled ideas man, writing and directing truly original stories, but he also excels at empowering those around him to step up and do their very best alongside him, in a collaborative environment. He helps talent understand and embrace his vision, while letting them own their performance. He collaborates exceedingly well with marketers, giving them ample latitude to contribute, while never losing sight of the ultimate goal of the project. Above all, he mixes true professionalism with a desire for every participant to enjoy the ride and have fun.

Kate Drummond

Actress (Lead With Your Heart, Room, Wynonna Earp, Flower Shop Mysteries)

Brett literally changed the momentum in my career. He has supremely keen insight to the nuances of comedy and has natural ability to bring out the best in his actors. He creates such a safe environment to explore, learn and laugh and I’d recommend him to anyone.” 

Jefferson Brown

Actor (Stag, Good Witch, Rookie Blue, Degrassi)

Brett is a master of tweaking comedic deliveries while creating an amazing environment that allows the freedom and safety to explore performance choices.

Rob Tait
Branded Content Strategist & Creative Director

Brett does a lot of things very, very well… write, direct, lighten the mood of a client meeting at just the right moment with just the right quip. He has such a keen sense of story, character, structure and timing, especially comedic timing. Behind the camera, he is an actor's director, getting the best performance while making the actor love being on set. Crews love working with him because his management style is predicated on respect and allowing the crew's talent to shine through. Producers love him because he works fast and on budget without an ego that needs managing. And commercial clients really love Brett because he listens to them and truly understands their needs. In today's climate where dollars are stretched and great performances can be key in making a piece stand out, Brett delivers.

Ramona Milano

Actress, Director (Degrassi, Crash and Burn, Flashpoint, Due South)

Few artists have the extensive experience Brett has in creating, conceptualizing and developing art effectively from every angle, and doing it all without compromising his vision, integrity or natural ability to be relatable and hilarious!  As far as I'm concerned, he'd be an asset on anyone's project!

Scott Yaphe
Actor (The Strain, The Nut Job, Stag, Rookie Blue)

Brett is one of the most creative, efficient and collaborative writer/director/producers I have ever worked with. I've had the good fortune to do so on numerous occasions and am always in awe at his generosity when it comes to sharing ideas and allowing input to make the project be the best it can be. He's direct but kind on set... and firm when he needs to be. He also always has a pinpoint focus on what is most important at the time and doesn't get sidetracked - which in my opinion is one of the greatest reasons why success follows every project he is attached to. His determination to make all parties happy by creating win-win scenarios also cannot be overlooked as one of Brett's strongest attributes. I always look forward to the next project he's attached to. Simply put, Brett Heard delivers.

Marie Nicola

Digital Strategist, Blogger/Writer & Video Host

Beyond being the watchful patriarch of our all-female team, Brett was the voice of reason because of his innate ability to step back and effectively assess every situation. A valuable corporate sponsorship manager, a trusted producer and an informed director/editor. He is a rare cross of strategic and creative thinking that I believe makes him a forerunner in the burgeoning world of online entertainment.