Crime On His Hands


This slightly off-kilter comedy premise came from the slightly off-kilter mind of Canadian film and TV legend Gordon Pinsent. A tired police detective who, at 75, has FINALLY agreed to semi-retire. A sleuthing local legend in the city he was born and raised in, Garland Weir now might take longer to walk up a flight of stairs, but thankfully the elevator still goes all the way to the top.


Life Unjarred

Creator, Writer, Director,  Showrunner

Commissioned and funded by ConAgra Foods, this 16 part family comedy series follows the journey of Randy Mathews as he stumbles his way into a new career. A lovable, well meaning yet bumbling husband and father, Randy is unaware that his son has been filming his misadventures and uploading them to YouTube, resulting in Randy amassing a huge fan base without his knowledge. A fan base big enough to land him a spokesperson opportunity that he is completely unqualified for.


Co-creator, Writer, Director,  Showrunner

This original series was inspired by the true adventures of parenthood. Shortly after having our first child, and realizing the contrast between the idyllic perception of parenthood painted by the advertising world, and the messy, stressful, shit-show of the read deal, this comedically truthful digital show was born, and was quickly picked up by Johnson & Johnson, financing a nine-part digital series.